Women on Board Türkiye

Established on January 2017, the main objective of the Women on Board Association Turkey (WOB Turkey) is to promote social development by increasing female representation on boards. 

WOB Turkey works with the mission to undertake an advocacy role for all stakeholders regarding the social and economic benefit of equal gender representation on Boards and to help women develop themselves for this purpose.

The origin of our association is the Cross-Company Mentoring Program for More Women on Boards, the first formation to serve this purpose and created in 2012 by Hande Yaşargil, Mentor Consulting Executive Partner and Burçak Güven, Journalist and Clinical Psychologist.  

The Women on Board Program was initiated in order to expand the pool of women “ready” to play their role in support of the increase of female representation on boards. It is Turkey’s first and only certificate program accredited by respected academic institutions. One of the main elements of the program is the Mentoring system between companies that gives the opportunity to be Mentored by the country’s most effective business people and opinion leaders. During each 18 month period, our Mentors play an important part by working with new female Mentees and helping them prepare for their role on Boards. 

Until now the first fifth terms have been completed with 263 high level female executives graduating and the sixth term of the Women on Board Program has begun in January 2024. With the participation of 68 new leading women the WOB Turkey Mentee network has reached 331 persons. The seventh term of the program is planned between January 2026 - June 2027.

While carrying out this unique program, WOB Turkey is also working as a communications, cooperation, awareness and information sharing platform in order to increase female representation on boards.