Women on Board Türkiye

The strategic work groups (committees) led by members of the WOB Turkey Board of Directors and Supervisory Board and supported by volunteers from among WOB Turkey Graduates are as follows:



Corporate Governance and Strategy

Committee Leader - Hande Ocak Başev
Determines and monitors the strategies of the association in line with its purpose and principles, the processes in line with the determined strategies and the organizational structure of the committee It carries out work to strengthen the association’s ties with the EU in coordination with the Cooperation Committee.


Committee Leader - Bahadır Kaleağası
Determines the right stakeholders for WOB Turkey and relays the issues of cooperation to the relevant committee after bringing the issue to maturation. Carries out advocacy and lobbying activities with the public and private sector, NGOs and decision makers.


Committee Leader - Selçuk Yorgancıoğlu
Coordinates all the activities – relationship with private and public sector, communication, digital solutions, events, lobbying- necessary for the placement of WOB Turkey Graduates on boards of directors.


Committee Leader - Yiğit Oğuz Duman
Suggests candidates for the WOB Mentee program, constitutes a total pool consisting of all the candidates suggested and applying, evaluates them and determines the candidates suitable for the program. Determines the criteria for becoming a Mentee and a Graduate, and monitors the Mentees definitely participating to the program during the whole process.


Committee Leader - Selen Kocabaş
Determines the criteria for becoming a Mentor, and updates these according to the needs and objectives of WOB Turkey. Communicates with current and past Mentors at every stage of the program; monitors the effective realization of the Mentoring process. Ensures that Mentors interiorize the WOB Turkey mission and become its spokespersons.

External Communication

Committee Leader - Damla Birol
Determines the most effective strategy to communicate the WOB Turkey mission and role to the target group. Determines the channels that will most effectively reach the media and business world and creates a media strategy. Has the right content produced and utilized in order to ensure that the messages are given effectively.

Information and Digitalization

Committee Leader - Lale Can Gözübüyük
Develops communication tools in Turkish and English, such as the website, Data Bank and Impact Report, for effective sharing of information with WOB Turkey’s internal and external stakeholders. Monitors the indicators from Turkey and around the world as well as current reports, research and articles. Orients the development of the association’s technological infrastructure.

Internal Communication

Committee Leader - Beril Koparal
Plans and realizes face to face and digital communication tools for the WOB Turkey Mentee network to develop, learn from each other, strengthen their solidarity and develop their cooperation and internalize the WOB Turkey philosophy. Ensures the coordination between committees when it comes to big events such as the WOB Turkey launch and Graduation, and manages the agency carrying out the event.

Development Certificate

Committee Leaders - Banu İşçi Sezen, Ela Kulunyar
Design and carries out the WOB Turkey Independent Board Membership Certificate Program. Communicates with the institutions and universities accrediting the program. In addition to the development of Mentees, plans training programs for the association’s Directors/ Supervisory Boards, volunteers and administrative staff.


Committee Leader - Nesrin Tuncer
To ensure the sustainability and productivity of work, provides resources for WOB Turkey by contacting domestic and international organizations. Carries out the projects that have been funded and ensures coordination between committees.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Committee Leaders - Tülye Sekendiz, Sibel Kesler
To inform internal and external stakeholders and to contribute their practices on the sustainability and corporate social responsibility issues, with the belief that the future Board Member should have the information and consciousness of sustainability.