Women on Board Türkiye
murat özyeğin
Social Gender Equality, Now

As stated by the World Economic Forum, according to current conditions gender equality is expected to be secured in the USA in 208 years. In our country this is predicted to take even longer. We cannot think of waiting out this period. Because in order to be able to cope with the mounting difficulties our planet and our economies face we need to have every member of society represented and all talents put to use.

In order to establish equality in all echelons of society and to do this in the shortest time possible, we need to start strengthening organizations at all levels. As Women on Board Turkey we believe that more women should be at the highest executive positions of the organizations orienting our economy and we strive to accomplish this. Our objective is to make visible women leaders who already exist, who are prepared through their experience, training and certificates and who strive with all their power to contribute to society.

We still have a long way to go. We are prepared to march to the point where women are not only on lists and publications, but have their place on Boards of Directors. Now is the time for action for social gender equality which is of vital importance for our economic and social development.

Murat Özyeğin
WOB Advisory Board President

FİBA Holding Chairman of the Board

Cem Boyner
Boyner Group CEO
WOB Turkey 1st Term Advisory Board President
“There is a need for more women on the boards of companies. Diversity is always good and creates wealth. And innovation is only possible in areas where diversity exists.”
Muzaffer Akpınar
MV Holding Vice President of the Board
WOB Turkey 2nd Term Advisory Board President
“This is a marathon. In time people will appreciate the value of having 50 percent women’s mind on boards of directors.”
Suzan Sabancı Dinçer
Akbank Chairwoman of the Board
WOB Turkey 3rd Term Advisory Board President
“I believe this program is an important initiative for strong, smart and hardworking women to make their voices better heard in the social and economic area. It also provides companies looking for highly qualified executives for their boards with many high quality choices.”