Women on Board Türkiye
Top leaders of the business world consisting of the chairperson of the Boards, CEOs, and independent Board Members are invited by our Advisory Board to act as mentors. Mentors are supported with the information and guidance they need during the entire process by WOB Turkey.

Mentee Candidate Program Application Criteria:

  • Being the top female manager of the institution (General Manager or Deputy General Manager).
  • Commitment to attend development certificate programs, events, panels to be organized by WOB Turkey for 18 months and to have 9 meetings with the mentor to be appointed by the WOB Turkey.
  • The institution supports the participation of the mentee candidate to the program, and the menteeship nomination is approved by the Chairperson of the Board of the Institution.
  • When the participation status as a mentee is finalized, the program participation fee must be paid by the institution.

Accepting Candidate Applications:

  • Mentee Candidates become aware of the program through their own communication channels, their institutions or the recommendations of the Mentors.
  • Mentee Candidates who want to participate in the program contact via e-mail at info@ykkd.org, and apply for the program by completely filling out the WOB Turkey application form sent to them.
  • The Mentee Candidate needs to inform their institution and get the approval of the Chairperson of the Board and the Head of HR.

Mentee Committee Evaluations:

The Mentee Committee evaluates the candidates using their forms in the first step, face-to-face meetings of 30 minutes each in the second step and informs them about the process.
Using their expertise in this field, WOB Turkey matches each Mentee with a Mentor from different institutions by evaluating their sector, area of expertise, personality and management style.
Matchmaking of the same sector is avoided to prevent commercial conflicts. Matches are finalized after they are submitted for the approval of the Advisory Board. Match information is announced on the night of the program launch.
The first meeting for matched Mentors and Mentees is a kind of 'chemistry interview'. This meeting, where both parties meet to confirm the eligibility of the match, is used to get to know each other and confirm the process. The program officially starts following this confirmation.
WOB Turkey provides a 'Mentoring Guidebook' to meet the expectations and guidance needs of all participants. WOB Turkey monitors closely progress and requirements by communicating regularly with Mentors and Mentees and provides support.
The institutions to which the participating Mentees are affiliated pay to the program with the contribution determined for the relevant period. The budget of this non-profit program, consisting of the main items of Mentee development, management, and communication, is supported by this contribution.
Mentees meet with their Mentors on average of every 2 months during the 18-month program, so they have 9 interviews in total.